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    Okay, I admit it, I like lists. They help me organize and guarantee thoroughness. I collect them and combine input from many sources -- especially my own experience over the years. Now its time to share some of my collection with my readers. Feel free to contribute content if you have it.


    Telecom Analytics

    List of telecom analytics sources and categories. Useful for understanding the potential application of Business Intelligence to the telecom industry.

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    General Accounting FAO Survey Checklist

    General Accounting Survey to gather key metrics prior to FAO bid in the areas of Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Travel & Entertainment, Billing, Cash Applications, Credit/Collections, Fixed Assets, Inventory, Reporting and Payroll.

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    Accounts Receivable Discovery

    This is a compilation of many lists and as such may contain some redundancies and overlaps. Nevertheless, it is an extensive listing under the headings of background, policy/best practice, and roles/responsibilities.

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    Accounts Payable Discovery

    This is a compilation of many lists and as such may contain some duplicate and overlapping entries. Nevertheless, it is an extensive breakdown of considerations under the three headings of Metrics, Policy/Best Practice, and Roles/Responsibilities.

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    Business Continuity Threats

    Major threats to Business Continuity and the consideration of prevention and mitigation.

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