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    Cartoon of the Week 3/12/12: Stymied

    Click to EnlargeWhile many give lip-service to real change, many can't get beyond their own internal politics. Success in this area often requires buy-in from executive management to streamline adoption.


    Cartoon of the Week 1/30: Myopia

    Click to EnlargeBuyers who fail to plan for process improvement on the front end may not realize their shortsightedness until much later in the contract. Motivation to optimize processes needs to be engineered into the contract to be effective.


    Bonus Cartoon 1/20/12: Corporate Speak

    Click to EnlargeAlso based upon actual events. Sometimes the cliche-speak that hazards our corporate environment can be hilarious when you really think about what we're saying....


    Analysis Paralysis

    Click to EnlargeBased upon actual events -- names witheld to protect the guilty. There are multiple ways of thinking strategy: try to never make a mistake (impossible) or outrun them. Of course I prefer the latter.