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    Cartoon of the Week 3/17: Auto

    CLICK TO ENLARGECan't count the number of times this has happened. People wanting to jump to the "how much?" question even before discussing the "what do you need?". The perfect comeback.


    Cartoon of the Week 3/10: Priceless

    CLICK TO ENLARGEI've encountered many pricing tools over the years, most fail to address the challenge adequately -- and I'm being kind. Poking a little fun at the whole genre and the wizardry of it all.


    Outsourcing Cartoon of the Week 10/21: Ruthless

    CLICK TO ENLARGEThis one would be funnier if I hadn't actually seen this kind of attitude from buyers on all too many occasions. Successful negotiation is measured by more than price.


    Cartoon of the Week 7/30: 6-Sigma

    CLICK TO ENLARGESometimes hard negotiations get you the best price, but cost you in other ways. This week's installment is to demonstrate that there are always fall-backs when things don't work out in your favor.


    Cartoon of the Week 2/20/12: Pricing 101

    Click to EnlargePricing games and the workarounds -- funny how simple attitude can set the stage for an entire multi-year enagement. Its all about creating a partnership mentality in my mind -- it often being difficult to overcome the buyer/vendor mentality