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    Outsourcing Cartoon of the Week 12/10: Competition

    CLICK TO ENLARGEThe classic champion/challenger model is antithetical to a true partnership relationship yet prevalent nevertheless. The model employes the "beat-em-up" approach to productivity which is an old school approach to vendor as well as employee management. The competitive atmosphere isn't universally effective outside of sports.


    Outsourcing Cartoon of the Week 10/8: Honestly

    CLICK TO ENLARGEOf course we all say honesty is the best policy. Easier said than done when its about delivering bad news. I've always been more of an "open book" manager. Better to tell your people what is happening and how you feel about it than hide the truth -- as difficult as that may be. And now for a little fun...


    Cartoon of the Week 8/13: Polo

    CLICK TO ENLARGEMany covet the mystique of the very largest players in any given industry. Mystique is difficult to replicate. Sometimes sales approaches have a cultural basis and are not easily translated to another environment as we see here. It is better to differentiate than to replicate in most instances.


    Cartoon of the Week 6/18/12: Conventionality

    CLICK TO ENLARGEThis weeks toon adds humor to everyone's growing list of overused catch phrases by proposing a couple of unintentional interpretations. You'll never hear these two phrases again in quite the same way from here on out.


    Cartoon of the Week 6/11/12: Compatibility

    CLICK TO ENLARGEWhy is it that criticism always seems easier than self assessment? In any case, those who have experienced the most vexing challenges and overcome them will have the superior insight in the end. This one is about nobody in particular, and everybody in general.