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    Cartoon of the Week 3/17: Auto

    CLICK TO ENLARGECan't count the number of times this has happened. People wanting to jump to the "how much?" question even before discussing the "what do you need?". The perfect comeback.


    Cartoon of the Week 2/17: Consultant Speak

    CLICK TO ENLARGESometimes I actually admire people who can rattle off meaningless babble like this with utter effortlessness and authority. Asking what such people REALLY mean only invites more of the same. Better to just wait for it to end.


    Outsourcing Cartoon of the Week 11/5: Forecast

    CLICK TO ENLARGEWell as we all know stuff happens. Always best to keep up to date with those consultant billings you know -- especially when you have a finger on the pulse of the company.