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    Outsourcing Cartoon of the Week 10/1/12: Stress

    CLICK TO ENLARGEThis week's entry was inspired by an excellent blog post on the 10 leading causes of workplace stress (link below).  I found it informative that 7 of the 10 were related to poor communication.


    Outsourcing Cartoon of the Week 9/17: Teamwork

    CLICK TO ENLARGEAs you have probably surmized by now I am not big on aphorisms. Mostly they are oversimplifications of more complex dynamics -- hey wait I guess cartoons do the same thing. Well anyway this is a medium to stimulate thought without a big time investment. Enjoy.


    Cartoon of the Week 1/16/12: Rumor Mill

    Click to EnlargePersonally I prefer being open and truthful with employees and communicating plans no matter how unsavory. As bad as they might seem, the rumor mill can be worse....