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    Outsourcing Cartoon of the Week 11/5: Forecast

    CLICK TO ENLARGEWell as we all know stuff happens. Always best to keep up to date with those consultant billings you know -- especially when you have a finger on the pulse of the company.


    Outsourcing Cartoon of the Week 10/29: Big Hurry

    CLICK TO ENLARGEIt's frustrating to mobilize the troops to demonstrate top tier service and response for naught. Sometimes you wonder if there was ever an emergency -- and it passed -- or whether people actually can be that insensitive to anothers' time and effort. In any case, its all part of the job. Enjoy


    Outsourcing Cartoon of the Week 10/21: Ruthless

    CLICK TO ENLARGEThis one would be funnier if I hadn't actually seen this kind of attitude from buyers on all too many occasions. Successful negotiation is measured by more than price.


    Outsourcing Cartoon of the Week 10/15: Cry Wolf

    CLICK TO ENLARGEMade a last minute decision to call this one "Cry Wolf". I think few buyers realize the expense vendors incur responding to RFPs or don't care. Either way the idea of playing vendors without any intention of using them in the end is just bad business. It might even to come back to bite you one day.


    Outsourcing Cartoon of the Week 10/8: Honestly

    CLICK TO ENLARGEOf course we all say honesty is the best policy. Easier said than done when its about delivering bad news. I've always been more of an "open book" manager. Better to tell your people what is happening and how you feel about it than hide the truth -- as difficult as that may be. And now for a little fun...